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Varieties of Japanese Maples




This cultivar has deeply divided  leaves that narrow to a long tip with serrated edges. It’s Spring and Summer color is wine-like burgundy red, changing to bronze-green as the year progresses. It has a gracefully branched form that widens to an umbrella-like canopy. 

Height: 15 feet

Width: 12 feet




The Butterfly is a upright tree with cream variegated leaves that change to a magenta color in the fall.  It has a striking appearance in the garden. In the spring,  it’s slender lobed leaves have pink edges, and  it is rare to find two specimens that are alike.

Width:  Slender- Upright

Height:  10 Feet



Dazzling serrated orange leaves with gold rimmed edges. In the summer, it’s orange turns to a coppery green. This fluffy upright tree turns amber to pumpkin colors in the fall, and  it will glimmer across the yard!

Upright:  8-10 Feet

Spread:   5-6 Feet



This cultivar has a shrub-like appearance, and is very twiggy as it grows. It has intense spring pink colors that turn green with shrimp-pink highlights. This is a great choice for a container plant or an accent tree in the yard. In the fall it’s leaves change from green to pink rose to an apricot color.

Spread:  3-4 feet

Height:  8 feet



This tree is a vigorous grower.  In the spring it's leaves turn a bright (almost neon) red, turning a deeper red in the fall. 

Height: 6-8 feet

Width: 5-8 feet



Very unique.  Dwarf.  Very dense structure.  Small crinkled leaves.  In the spring, its leaves are a lightly variagated pink and orange. In the fall, its leaves are yellow and orange. 

Height: 2-6 feet

Width: 2-6 feet



Mature Height 10 to 20 feet

Mature Width 10 to 20 feet


Also called Fernleaf, this is a tree with very large deeply dissected leaves. Pale green leaves turn to fiery red, oranges and yellows in the fall. Leaves form seedpod clusters that turn to maroon red in the fall and add to the attractiveness. This variety grows in a very upright habit and forms a very Beautiful round top.



Also known as "Lion's Head", Shishigashira is a small maple that grows in the shape of a vase. It gets it's name from the broad oval shape that mature plants have and the harvest orange color that emerges during the fall.


Growth Habit: Very slow growing

Mature Height 12 feet

Mature Width: 8 ft wide  



An upright vase shaped maple that is loosely related to "Sango Kaku". It's crimson leaves and red bark are what makes Beni Kawa well known. The colors of the tree during the fall varies from yellow to orange, but it's generally a nice combination of both.

Mature Height 12 to 15 feet

Mature Width: 12 to 15 feet



 A unique Japanese maple; Seiryu is one of the few dissectums that grow in an upright form. Its spring foliage is a nice green with dashes of red becoming visible as the leaves unfold. Its fall colors vary from gold to light yellow with crimson being most prevalent.

Mature Height 15-20ft



Also known as "Coral Bark", Sango Kaku is famous for the coral bark that is caused by the cold winter temperatures. It’s a beautiful sight to see when the green leaves emerge in spring. Its fall foliage can vary from gold, orange, or crimson.

Mature Height: 12-18 ft. 

Mature Width:  8-12 ft.



An Acer palmatum with tightly spaced, overlapping leaves. Its spring foliage varies from a faint pink to deep orange. In the fall, its leaves turn golden-orange.

Mature Height 4 to 6 feet

Mature Width: 4 to 6 feet



 A cultivar with a deep-red color. Crimson Queen is unique because it's deep red color stays throughout the entire growing season. It can tolerate lots of sun with little sunburn, but under extremely sunny conditions, Crimson Queen can turn into a gorgeous orange-red color.


Mature Height: 3-9 ft. 

Mature Width:  6-10 ft.



An unusual maple with deeply dissected leaves that is white all summer. It emerges a green cream and pink color and its fall color are generally orange.


Mature Height: 2 to 3 feet

Mature Width: 4 to 5 feet



A highly desired maple that maintains a reddish purple color throughout spring and is very resistant to cold temperatures. Its red leaves first emerge in the beginning of spring, and turns into a beautiful reddish-purple during the summer, topped off with a crimson color during the fall.

Mature Height: 15 ft. 

Mature Width:  15-25 ft. 



One of the fastest-growing dissectums but still does not attain height very quickly due to the fact that it is also one of the most pendulous maples.

This great plant changes personality all season long.It emerges with tones of green and orange in the early spring and as the works it's magic on the foliage it quickly turns purple.Next as spring turns into summer the older leaves start to slowly turned green, this process happens over a number of weeks during which the leaves appear molted with infused colors of green and purple washed across each leaf.

About the time the entire plant becomes green in mid to late summer orangeola  decides it's time to grow again putting out red new growth that lays over the older foliage. Then in fall it really puts on a show with traffic stopping bright orange red leaves.

This tree does extremely well in hotter climates.


10 years size height 3 to 6 feet

Mature Width 4 to 8 feet



Villa Taranto's enchanting, delicate beauty is what makes this tree unique. Its silky leaves emerge a reddish-green to spring which turn into a crimson color in the spring, topped off with a golden-orange in fall.


Mature Height: 5-10 feet

Mature Width: 4-7 feet



This tree gets its name from the Tamukeya Mountain in Kyushu, and its foliage color is truly magnificent. Its foliage is a crimson-red that turns into a dark-purple red, which stays until late summer. It turns a bright crimson color in the fall.

Common Name: Japanese lace-leaf maple


Mature Height: 6-8 feet

Mature Width:  8-10 feet



Viridis is a lace-leaf Japanese maple that grows very widely and sweep towards the ground with green foliage Its fall foliage is a very magnicifent orange/red. These trees are easy to grow and very tolerant to the cold.

Growth Habit: 10-foot high, compact cascading form

Mature Height: 5-10 feet

Mature Width:  4-10 feet



 A favorite among small trees due to its constant all-season beauty. Its fall color can vary from a light orange to an ardent red. An elgant, beautiful tree that is very resistant to the cold.





A beautiful, fast growing Japanese maple. It's beautiful red foliage is this tree's signature, accompanied by its slightly translucent leaves, and is very resistant to the cold.


Mature Height: 15-20 feet. 

Mature Width:  15-25 feet.

Comment: One of the most popular extremely hardy 



Red Dragon holds more red than purple and keeps it throughout the summer. It's smaller size makes it a good choice for a small garden or bonsai. It's deeply cut crimson leaves resemble hundreds of dragon's claws, hence its name.

Growth Habit:  compact cascading form


Mature Height: 5-8 feet

Mature Width: 4-6  feet



Inaba Shidare grows quickly with very delicate, burgandy leaves during the summer that emerge as an exquisite crimson in the fall, making it perfect for a garden.

Common Name: Japanese lace-leaf maple

Mature Height: 4-8 feet

Mature Width: 4-12 feet

Growth Habit: compact cascading form



Amazing fall color beautiful dark purple leaves in spring eventually fade to Bronze green.

Ornamental features:

Red select Japanese maple has attractive dark green foliage with hints of burgundy which emerges red in the spring.

The rough Grey Bark and red branches and an interesting dimension to the landscape.


Mature Height: 15-20 feet

Mature Width: 15-20 feet

Sunlight: full to medium



Garnett is a red dissecting was sawtooth edged leaves.

It's spreading growth habit tends to make it more desirable as a high graft versus a low grafted tree


Mature Height 10 feet or more

Mature Width 8-9 feet



Is a highly desirable natural dwarf with multiple branching and tight overlaying Leaf structure.

Green summer leaves with bright red tips give way to fall colors of orange to red and pink. The growth habit is multi branching and very compact.


Growth Habit: Very Slow Growing

Mature Height 5 feet

Mature Width 5 feet



Japanese for "strings of the harp" the size of the foliage various; if it is on old wood it is very fine and feathery, on new wood  the leaf segments are broader and longer. Upright growing with bright green bark fall colors range from yellow and when grown in full sun the colors is a wonderful glowing peachy red.

Mature Height 6 to 12 feet

Mature Width 6-8 feet